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So glad you followed the white monkey.

You're about to meet a group of anons, each of which has his own thing going on. Some are in it for the trading, others for the tech and for the long-time investment. 

​We've met in unfortunate circumstances and have decided to make something of our time and expertise that will help others out.

​If you're asking yourself what this is about, you're in the right place. Good job you fucking chimp.

Coinrade's Alliance is a safe place for people to talk about cryptocurrency projects. We want to learn together with you and have fun doing it. We intend to make our discord server a place for everyone to feel welcome and to have the occasional rant in.

We'll try to give our opinion on some cryptocurrency projects, will share with you our trades for the lulz and will also help you list your own discord if that's what you're into.

The Coinrades in this discord have a jobs and do not run this discord for the money. We want nothing in return, just your company.

​We saw the ugliness of discord and crypto and really want to make sure it never happens again to anyone who comes across us.

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